Available Display Ad Formats

High Resolution Ad

Use this when a standard ad image look fuzzy in its current state. For a 300x250, for example, upload a 600x500 ad and set a width of 300. The height will stay proportional to the original image.


A banner ad that, when hovered over, will "flip" to reveal its other side, which is a second banner ad. Impressive and fun. Note: Uses cutting edge browser features, so IE < 10 won't work well.

Ad of the Day

Just like a standard banner ad, but you can specify different ads/links for different days of the week. Make sure all ads/slides are the same size.

Special Promotion Ads

The Countdown

Countdown to a big event or end of a sale. Doesn't require an image. Displays a customizable and human-readable countdown, such as "7 days, 3 hours, and 10 minutes".


Create a cutout-style coupon with an optional image to promote a sale or event. When your users click on it, they will be taken to a mobile-friendly page where they can print the page or keep it handy on their mobile device.