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Takeaways from Cider School #9:

Notes: Coming Soon

Video here: History of U.S. Apple Culture


Takeaways from CIder School #8:

Notes: Home Cidermaking Advice & Tips with William Grote of New Salem Cider

Video here: Home Cidermaking Advice


Takeaways from Cider School #7:

Notes: Pét-Nat 101 with Lyndon Smith of Botanist and Barrel

Video here: Pét-Nat Cider 101


Takeaways from Cider School #6:

Notes: Did Prohibition Prohibit Cider? with Historial Mark Turdo

Video here: Did Prohibition Prohibit Cider?


Video recording from Cider School #5

Heirloom Apple Trees 101 with Troy Lehman of Big Hill Ciderworks


no notes or video from Cider School #4!


Notes from Cider School #3:

Single and Dual Variety Ciders with Dan Pucci

Sorry! No notes are available from Cider School #4. Starting the week of April 30, we will be providing recordings of the classes after they are over!


Notes from Cider School #2
Barrels 101 with Corrie Wolosin of Virtue Cider


Notes from Cider School #1
5 Q’s to Ask When Buying Cider with Eleanor Leger of Eden Specialty Ciders