Get to Know Houston’s First Cidery, The Permann’s Cider Company

Texas is gaining steam in the craft cider department as more cideries begin to appear and cider lovers reach out, eager for more. Houston, Texas is the next city on the map to gain a cidery and The Permann’s Cider Company comes complete with enticing and unique ciders in addition to a compelling backstory.

On a trip to Sonoma, California in 2014, Permann’s owner Andrea Permann discovered a pear-centric cider  and joked about owning a cider company one day, according to a recent Houstonia magazine article. It was after the death of her husband and birth of her daughter that Andrea made the cidery ownership a reality.

Beginning in December, 2016, The Permann’s Cider Company started selling their ciders in downtown Houston. Currently being offered at local bars and restaurants and introduced to the masses via tastings at different venues in the Houston area, there are plenty of locations around this Texas city to try the new ciders. The Permann’s Cider Company currently offers their 4.5% ABV Classic Cody, a clean and crisp apple cider, and their 6.5% ABV Fresh Valentine, which has Classic Cody as its base cider but adds a twist with a refreshing fruit-kissed passion fruit essence.

As for the future, there are plans in the works to open up a tasting room and production facility in 2018, along with future ciders, specifically one which features pear as its highlighted ingredient.

Keep following along with the progress of The Permann’s Cider Company by visiting its website and Facebook page. We’re excited to see what other wonderful ventures lie in store for Andrea and her Texas cider company.

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