Job Opening Alert: Eden Specialty Ciders Seeking Head Cidermaker

If you’re a professional cidermaker currently seeking a new job in your field, listen up: Eden Specialty Ciders has the perfect position for you!

Eden Specialty Ciders, based in Newport, Vermont, is currently seeking a full-time head cidermaker. Those who are interested should submit a cover letter and resume with references to ASAP before this opportunity gets away.

Eden Specialty Ciders focuses on producing ice ciders, aperitif ciders and naturally sparkling dry ciders from locally grown heirloom variety apples. The ciders are distributed in 15 states and have garnered the attention of top-rated restaurants in many large cities throughout the country, as well as having been featured in Food & Wine, The Art of Eating, Wine Spectator and other popular publications.

The cidery team currently consists of Eleanor and Albert Leger, owners and business leaders, as well as the head cidermaker (which could be you!), cellar assistant, warehouse assistant, orchard manager, business manager, Tasting Bar team and brand ambassadors. The current head cidermaker is leaving for Sweden to work with a collaborating ice cider producer there, which has led Eden Specialty Ciders to look for a permanent replacement.

If you have the ability to fulfill the following responsibilities and possess the listed skills and experiences, this may be the perfect job for you:


  • Develop goals for the quality, quantity and efficiency of the cidermaking operations in coordination with the owners
  • Set production schedules and specification sheets for each cider
  • Maintain a sanitary production environment at all times
  • Take the lead in executing all fermentation, bottling and production processes
  • Perform lab tests of juice, fermented ciders and final products as needed during production processes to maintain quality
  • Schedule and oversee hourly employees
  • Work with owner to coordinate apple sourcing and pressing services with VT orchard suppliers and Eden’s orchard manager
  • Decide purchases of cidermaking supplies and packaging and work with owner and business manager to make sure orders are executed and deliveries are timely
  • Maintain production equipment and confer with owners regarding new equipment purchases
  • Maintain an orderly warehouse and inventory of cider
  • Oversee packing of cider orders for distributors
  • Participate in sales activities at events and with distributors as production schedule allows

Skills and Experience

  • Successful science coursework and understanding of basic chemical and microbiological processes relevant to cidermaking
  • 3–5 years of hands-on experience with food and beverage production; winemaking experience is particularly relevant
  • Knowledge and experience of sanitation principles and practices
  • Tasting experience and understanding of flavors and balance
  • Curiosity about ciders, cider styles and cider flavors
  • Physical capability to execute production processes (lift tank lids, move equipment, etc.)
  • Attention to detail to monitor ciders, keep facilities clean and sanitary, control costs and keep inventory counts accurate
  • Organization skills to manage production processes according to plans and goals
  • Analytical skills to create successful plans and to identify and solve problems along the way (knowledge of Excel is a plus, as well as the proactive use of scientific and expert resources)

If your expertise fits within the aforementioned areas, get your cover letter, resume and references together and submit these to today!

  • Photo: Eden Specialty Ciders
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