Back a Cidery! Startup Watch

The cider world is no stranger to online crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In fact, some very well known cider brands were launched on these platforms.

One new startup cidery, Serpentine Cider in San Diego, CA, is getting in on the crowdfunding phenomenon and has recently launched a campaign seeking public funding.

Help Serpentine Cider raise $15,000 to become the first in what will hopefully be a long line of craft cideries in San Diego. Serpentine’s goal is to open a hard cider brewery, tasting room and kitchen. The goal is to open by the end of 2016. Check out Serpentine’s Indiegogo campaign below:

If you are a hardcore cider fan and want to see the cider world continue to grow, consider helping Serpentine realize its dreams and bring more high-quality cider to us all!

  • Featured photo: Ronald Sansone
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