Could You Get Behind a Cider Popsicle?

We have been asking our wonderful community what they think about the idea of Adult Urban Orchard Cider-Sicles/Hop-Sicles. What are your thoughts??

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Urban Orchard Cider Company of Asheville, North Carolina, has been toying with the idea of creating cider popsicles—or as they call them, Adult Urban Orchard Cider-Sicles. What do you think about having your favorite cider beverage and refreshing sweet snack rolled into one? Obviously, we could never deny such a treat—and we’re sure you couldn’t either.

And, as of yesterday, January 15, they’ve made the new icy offering official. Now, you can get a fresh pop every single day of the week, crafted with one of the select ciders on rotation. Follow ’em regularly on Instagram to keep tabs of what flavored popsicles they whip up next!

Find Urban Orchard Cider Co. at 210 Haywood Rd, Asheville, North Carolina; phone: (828) 774-5151.

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