LOVEworks Art Installation Unveiled at Old Hill Cider

by Carla Snyder, Penn State Extension

Old Hill Cider is a favorite stop of many in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Shannon and Sarah Showalter’s unique cider varieties are as inviting as their demeanor.

Driving uphill to the Showalters’ orchard, you’ll find 40 acres of rolling apple trees containing the over 26 varieties of apples that are used in making Old Hill Cider. This stop has always been a favorite for an authentic glass of well-crafted cider. Now when sipping on your favorite beverage and taking in the views of rolling hills, you can not only feel the love of over 50 years of heritage but see it as well.

LOVEworks, an outdoor art installation program by the Virginia Tourism Corporation, is designed to promote vacationing and tourism across the state. On Wednesday afternoon, the Showalters were able to unveil the LOVE installation, which overlooks the valley from their cidery. Made of stainless steel from cider tanks and applewood, the LOVE sign punctuates what is necessary to make a great glass of cider. Hard work, kindness and a lot of knowledge are what you will see upon a visit to Old Hill Cider, except now the view is framed in the love that it requires to take an apple from tree to tap.

Visit Old Hill Cider at 17768 Honeyville Rd. in Timberville, Virginia; phone: (540) 896-7582.

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