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WSU Cider & Perry Production Course – A Foundation

This five-day course at WSU Northwest Washington Research and Extension Center, in the state of Washington, will take place October 8 through October 12 and provide students with expert knowledge of cider and perry principles and practices. The curriculum is taught by WSU fermentation specialist, Bri Ewing, and includes information regarding cider culture, production, science…

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Top Cider and Perry Making Program in Oregon

Great cider requires art, science and even a little bit of history. This five-day course, based on the leading Cider and Perry Academy curriculum, will introduce you to the fundamentals of cider making as well as the various styles of cider and the history and traditions behind the modern cider industry. Spend five days learning…

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Cider Travels: Drinking Cider in Portland, Oregon

While in the City of Roses for CiderCON we experienced a seemingly never-ending supply of delicious ciders in unique settings. It seemed like every stop on our way, be it cider bars, cider-maker taprooms, bars, restaurants, convenience stores or bottle shops, all had great selections of ciders made locally and around the world. Here are…

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