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First Cider Cocktail Recipe Book Published Since Prohibition

Are you looking to spice things up at your next cocktail party? Maybe you need a gift for a cider drinker? If so, you want to check out Darlene Hayes’ recipe book, Cider Cocktails—Another Bite of the Apple, the first collection of cider cocktail recipes published since Prohibition! Cocktail manuals from the 19th and early 20th century are full…

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Drink This: SNAP Wassail Thanksgiving Cocktail

There’s on an old English drinking ritual known as wassailing, which is a toast to the health of the orchard trees to promote a good harvest for the following year. Consider settling down after Thanksgiving dinner with a glass or two of SNAP Wassail for dessert. Although the recipe calls for non-alcoholic cider, you can just as…

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