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Try This Now: Fresh Cider and Basil Cantaloupe Dessert Recipe

In the heat of BBQ season, this digestif disguised as a dessert sweetly refreshes your post-picnic belly. First created at Civil War Cider Co., this recipe is a nice finish to a Sunday sausage lunch or a grilled chicken dinner. Evaporating the alcohol off a dry cider leaves behind the full flavors and allows for a…

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Cider Cocktail Recipe for Cinco de Mayo: The Ciderita

When Cinco de Mayo rolls around this year, think outside the margarita box and whip up a hard cider cocktail instead. Our friends at Sonoma Cider have developed a special concoction for this festive day that adds a dose of cider to the holiday’s more traditional tequila. Give it a try and tell us what you think! Maple…

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