The Beer Academy Relaunches as The Beer & Cider Academy and Adds Cider Education Courses

The Beer Academy, a subsidiary of The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD), was originally founded in 2003 by a small group of beer enthusiasts and quickly attracted support from brewers, beer retailers and more. This support enabled the Academy to put together a series of courses and training materials delivered by experienced and knowledgeable individuals with a real passion for beer.

Well, as the cider industry expands, The Beer Academy is now relaunching itself as The Beer & Cider Academy with a fresh look, new cider course offerings and a leading presenter we’re all familiar with: Gabe Cook, aka The Ciderologist.

The Beer & Cider Academy’s new name and look was presented at London’s Hawkes Cidery and Taproom on October 26 by the president of the IBD, Katherine Smart. She then handed the mic over to Gabe Cook, who held a cider and food pairing session and presented the route to pommelier, cider’s version of a sommelier. Cook is definitely on a mission to ensure the world understands just how rich, varied, complex and wonderful cider and perry can be.

On this addition of cider to the Academy, Cook says, “This is a pivotal moment because, for the first time, those people working on the front line of advocating cider to consumers will have the tools to enable them to maximize this dialogue. The course will provide participants with a knowledge of styles and of the cider making process, and a readily developed language, to assist them in engaging with consumers.”

The first element of the new cider content, the Foundation Course, will be held in London in December. Next year will bring about the Advanced Cider Course in January and a detailed How to Judge Cider Course. All courses are available to book through the organization’s website.

To date, over 4,000 people have attended Academy courses, together with 10,000 people who have enjoyed talks and beer tastings. And The Beer & Cider Academy isn’t stopping there! With the incorporation of cider, it’s now looking forward to training cider pommeliers with equal success.

Head to The Beer & Cider Academy’s website to learn more about the path to pommelier and these new course offerings.

  • Feature photo: Alexandra Whitney Photography
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