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Posts by Maggie Mitchell

Step Right Up to the Gypsy Circus Cider Company

As the first craft cidery in Tennessee, Gypsy Circus Cider Company of Kingsport brings parched residents a bevy of options with major local flavor. “We use a variety of local apples from around the region, including Lady Fingers, Gala, Rome, Pink Delicious and Red Delicious, and typically have a four-apple blend in our juice,” said Gypsy Circus…

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Urban Tree Cidery: A Peach of a Spot

If you enjoy your cider complemented by a sunny dose of collaboration, Urban Tree Cidery is where you need to be. Atlanta, Georgia’s first craft cidery, Urban Tree has demonstrated that it can play VERY nicely with local musicians, food trucks, chefs and the surrounding community—all to give thirsty and hungry visitors an experience to savor. Located…

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Meet the Cider Makers: Cortni and Adam Stahl of Star Cider

Would you be prepared to part with most of your belongings to pursue your passion? How about downsizing from a traditional home to an Airstream trailer to turn dreams of owning a hard cider company and apple orchard into reality? “We are truly a simple tree-to-tap cider operation. We pour every ounce of our ambition…

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Cidery Q&A: On the Farm with Wyndridge

Accessible. Exciting. Fresh. But literally, by accident. After Wyndridge Farm owner and president Steve Groff was struck by a car while cycling several years ago, he and his family saw an opportunity in the wake of chaos to create something beautiful. The Groffs looked to their own 77-acre Dallastown, Pennsylvania, farm, completely restored their 120-year-old…

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