Chill Out! Jeni’s Offers Hard Cider Lovers a Cool Treat

Right around mid-July is when the romance of summer starts to fade. All the good holidays have passed, Spring’s blooms have long since wilted, and it’s hot. And humid. It’s two-showers-a-day, I-barely-moved-why-am-I-sweating, never-wearing-pants-again kind of hot. Nothing brings a cool dose of sanity back to your day like a frosty craft hard cider, but sadly, most of us need to wait until after work to enjoy that sort of refreshment … right?

Not anymore! Thanks to the Hard Cider Sorbet from the ice cream wizards at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams AKA Jeni’s, the maximum chill of hard cider can now be yours any time of day.

If the adorable packaging hasn’t already won you over, this tasty sorbet is made with Granny Smith apples (so tart! so crisp!) and fizzy, European-style cider from Chicago’s Right Bee Cider. The result is a light, fun, and delicious way to enjoy a frozen iteration of hard cider. Plus, it’s vegan and gluten-free, so you can share a pint with all your pals.

So, grab some spoons and dig in to Jeni’s Hard Cider Sorbet to beat the heat and celebrate National Ice Cream Month (yes, that’s a thing).

Visit Jeni’s scoop shops in various cities throughout the U.S., or order from their online shop; phone: (614) 488-3224.

  • Photo: Jeni's