Cider Institute of North America Announces New Advanced Certificate in Cider & Perry Production

Are you a cider maker looking to step it up? The Cider Institute of North America (CINA), which formed in 2016, has announced the launch of the Advanced Certificate in Cider & Perry Production. The courses and certifications it has offered so far have mostly been foundational, and the Advanced Certificate qualification is intended as vocational training in cider and perry production. This next-level course will help assess the candidate’s knowledge, understanding and practical application of a range of key processes involved in the production of quality, consistent cider and perry.

Fun fact: Did you know that, to date, over 500 cider makers have achieved the Foundation Certificate in Cider & Perry Production?

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“The Cider Institute of North America is excited to announce the launch of the Advanced Certificate in Cider & Perry Production,” says Brighid O’Keane, Executive Director of Cider Institute of North America. “CINA’s curriculum development team represents leaders in the cider industry and partner academic institutions. We’re pleased to announce training opportunities for cider makers to develop their technical skills and gain industry-recognized qualifications in cider and perry production.”

The Cider Institute and its academic partners – Cornell University, Brock University and Washington State University – will launch these advanced-level courses in 2019: Science & Practice of Cider & Perry Production; GMP, Safety & Sanitation of Cider & Perry Production; Essential Sensory Analysis of Cider & Perry; and Essential Laboratory Testing of Cider & Perry. Additional specialized modules will be scheduled on a rolling basis. The Cider & Perry Production-Foundation courses that have been taught in North America in collaboration with the Cider & Perry Academy will provide the background for the advanced courses.

The Cider Institute of North America ‘s Cider & Perry Production Certificate Program is currently the only program offering cider-specific education and training for all cider industry professionals. To find out more about the Cider Institute and upcoming courses, see here.