Eve’s Cidery Announces 2016 Vintage Releases

After 2016 was one of the most challenging vintage years to date for cider in the northeast, Eve’s Cidery is beyond thrilled to announce its 2016 vintage cider release. All four of Eve’s vintage ciders will be shipping from its online store beginning Tuesday, December 5, and will be in the trade by winter 2018.


Though the year was tough on production quantities, the small amount of cider Eve’s did make is of great quality: big, muscular, and extracted. It’s a testament to the way vintage can express in cider.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to Eve’s Cidery’s 2016 vintage releases:

2016 Albee Hill

Still Dry Cider

$16 | 750 ml

Sweet on the nose, with honey, flowers and lychee, but balanced with darker aromas like damp wood and coffee. Flavors of citrus peel and quinine hang off a taut tannic frame in the mid-palate. The finish has plenty of dusty brown tannin and bittersweet apple skin.

2016 Northern Spy

Traditional Method Sparkling Cider

$18 | 750 ml

Muted aromas of toasted oats and dried apples on the nose. The mid-palate is juicy kumquats, salt, and wet shale melding into a grippy finish that lasts forever.

2016 Darling Creek

Semi-Dry Traditional Method Sparkling Cider

$18 | 750 ml

Sweet aromas of dried rose petals and raspberry sorbet mingle with dark malted grain on the nose. This cider is a mouth full of sweetness, acid and tannin, rich in body and flavor. The long finish is more mouth-watering acid with soft tannin lingering.

2016 Essence

Ice Cider

$26 | 375 ml

Lemon curd and burnt brown sugar on the nose. Candied lemon and ginger in the mouth, along with plenty of weight and body. The finish is sweet at first, but ends in puckering green apple.


These ciders are vintage and never to be repeated. Order early! Eve’s Cidery’s vintages sell out quickly.

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