Who Needs Candy When You Can Have Haunted Cider?

Even if you’re still in touch with your inner kid, you’ve probably realized by now that most candy is hardly worth the toothache (except for a certain peanut butter chocolate confection which shall remain nameless — that one can stay). This Halloween, replace those saccharine sweets with a grown-up treat instead: haunted cider! Okay, so these ciders aren’t actually plagued by the ghostly spirit of a 19th century orchardist, but they sure do capture the spooky vibes that we hope we never grow out of enjoying:

Original Sin Black Widow

The genuinely creepy and awesome can art on Original Sin’s Black Widow has somehow managed to make wild blackberries seem like the scariest fruit. New York apples blend with dark, sweet berries plucked from summertime brambles to create a tart, complex cider. It pours a vampiric sanguine, reminiscent of red wine and the lipstick kiss of a femme fatale.

Artifact Cider Project Wild Thing

Haunted Cider

The cold winds of late October often feel like they’re stirring up wild things in the night. Elongated shadows in moonlight, crunchy leaves underfoot, porch doors creaking on their hinges … even a walk around the block can be downright creepy (in a fun kind of way) this time of year. Artifact’s Wild Thing cider uses clever design and font choices to portray both the eeriness and the deliciousness of the post-harvest season. This single varietal cider is made cool-fermented from 100% McIntosh apples, resulting in a crisp, tart and aromatic beverage that, according to Artifact, captures a “dare over truth” vibe.

Trinity Cider Unholy Ghost

Just look at this cider — it’s definitely haunted, right? Unholy Ghost cider from Trinity Cider in Deep Ellum, Texas, is infused with ghost peppers, the seventh hottest peppers in the world. You may be fooled by the regular appearance of the liquid in the glass, only to be taken on a wildly spooky flavor ride of spiciness. This one is not for the faint of heart!

Argus Cidery Cherry Vin

Think cherries are all sweet and innocent? Even this most cheerful of fruits has a dark side, as evidenced in Argus Cider’s Cherry Vin fruit wine. The fermentation wizards at Argus have transformed the blushing fruit into a dry, tannic vixen, pouring blood red in a glass and dancing seductively across the palate.

Bonus: a Haunted Cider Cocktail from Gumption Cider

Time to break out the dry ice! This Halloween cocktail from Gumption combines cider, blackberry juice and a nip of vodka for a juicy, boozy concoction. And why not? Something’s got to ease that chill running down your spine.

  • Feature photo: Artifact Cider Project


  1. Mike on October 13, 2019 at 8:46 pm

    How about Far From The Tree – Ectoplasm or Blake’s – Black Phillip?

  2. Jason on October 24, 2019 at 8:28 am

    I visited Trinity Cider this past weekend and tried a sample of the Unholy Ghost. It’s no joke! It is good and very, very spicy!

  3. Amy on October 24, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    My favorite haunted concoction, by Wildcraft Cider Works – Witches Brew. A blend of seven wild fermented apple varieties and seven flower and botanical wines.

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