It’s Official: Hard Cider Definition Has Been Altered

Cider with Apples

Last December, we reported that the CIDER Act had passed, paving the way to expand the realm for production creativity and not pigeonhole producers into keeping within the up-to-7% alcohol by volume (ABV) limit. The CIDER Act has now gone into effect, so let’s try to understand what the change in verbiage has done.

The law passed by Congress has effectively broadened the definition of hard cider by (1) increasing the allowable alcohol content to 8.5% ABV, (2) increasing the allowable carbonation level from 3.92 grams per liter to 6.4 grams per liter and (3) including ciders made from pears in the definition. The changes allow cider meeting these standards to be taxed at a lower rate than both still and sparkling wines.

The United States Cider Association of Cider Makers had been working tirelessly to get support for the legislation in Washington, D.C. This news will help improve the budding the cider industry across the country. We say cheers to that!

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