Limited Edition Strawberry Cider to Be Released from Wyndridge Farm (July 21)

Strawberries will be in the spotlight at Wyndridge Farm when the new Strawberry Spy Farmhouse Cider is released on July 21.

The limited edition, limited release 6.2% ABV cider is an ideal summer beverage comprised of fresh-pressed cider fermented dry, which has undergone a secondary wild fermentation with strawberries picked fresh from Brown’s Orchards. After aging, the cider was blended with a barrel-aged cider featuring Northern Spy and Winchester apples, offering up a complex finished product.

Keep in mind, this new cider will only be available for a short time as just 100, 22-ounce bottles will be sold at the Wyndridge Farm Store starting on July 21. The price is $12.95 per bottle.

If you want to try this limited release strawberry-kissed cider, make plans to be at Wyndridge Farm on release day!

Find Wyndridge Farm at 885 S. Pleasant Ave. in Dallastown; phone: (717) 244-9900.

  • Cider photo: Wyndridge Farm
  • Feature photo: Pexels
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