Cider Culture is Now the Official Publication of the American Cider Association

Friends, we are so excited to announce that we will be serving a bigger mission in 2021 and beyond. In six years since our founding, Cider Culture has curated and cultivated cider content, like events, travel guide, recipes, news and interviews. Now, in our next chapter, we are thrilled to be the official publication of the American Cider Association!

“I’m excited for the publication’s next steps: to support this industry by forwarding the ACA’s mission,” says Cider Culture’s founder, Mary Bigham. “Our new focus will include advocacy, more storytelling, and a forum for the ACA’s programs, like the Certified Cider Professional Program, and its events, notably CiderCon. We’ll also act as a platform to showcase amazing cider content from all across the web, and provide a much-needed revenue stream for the ACA to continue to make an impact.” 

The American Cider Association is an organization of cider and perry producers in the United States. Its mission is to grow a diverse and successful U.S. cider industry by providing valuable information, resources and services to its members, and by advocating on their behalf. We’ll be engaging our readership and developing new audiences to promote and amplify stories from across the ‘cidersphere,’ both on a consumer level, but also as a robust partner to help the ACA’s members grow and evolve this industry.

Look for Cider Culture to bring stories, tips, education and content that’s helpful to the cider lover, while providing value to makers by highlighting their products, elevating the discourse among producers, sharing forecasts, and continuing to tell their stories, too. It will also be a way for makers to promote and share trends, latest technologies, best-practices and marketing tools, not just among cideries, but also with adjunct industries, such as manufacturers of packaging, juicing and pressing equipment, for example. Lastly, the partnership is a way to financially impact the industry; investing in Cider Culture in 2021 and beyond directly benefits the ACA.

“Advertising in Cider Culture creates a new revenue stream for the ACA which helps it forward its mission on behalf of its membership and the industry,” Bigham emphasizes. “It’s a win-win, as makers and industry professionals use these opportunities to not only promote their businesses, but also to promote the cider industry as a whole. Each marketing dollar goes to the ACA.”

ACA Executive Director Michelle McGrath says, “When these industries work together, the entire cider world rises. We’re partnering with Cider Culture to share news that will impact producers and inform consumers. We’re building on Cider Culture’s existing strengths of telling our members’ stories, providing educational and fun content, like gift-guides, with additional consumer-focused fare and industry-focused resources. We believe this synergy will positively impact our members’ growth and success — and, that’s our number-one goal.”

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  • Feature image and photo: Cider Culture
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