Cider Review: Kurant Hand Crafted Ciders’ Farm Release

I recently had a chance to visit the amazing owners of Kurant Hand Crafted Ciders at their facility in Lansdale for my latest interview. While I was there, I picked up a 750-ml bottle of their first bottled cider, Farm.

Kurant Farm CiderThe Scoop Behind Farm

Farm is a nod to more traditional European ciders that have tart and sour characteristics. It was created using traditional open-fermentation techniques. First, the cider makers pitched a white wine yeast and then left the cider to ferment in an open fermenter. The open fermenter allows the wild yeast from the brewhouse to collect in the juice and gives the cider its funky flavor. The white wine yeast used in this cider also ferments out almost all of the sugars, leaving this cider super dry, even compared to the other Kurant ciders I have tried.

Our Tasting Report

I am a huge fan of wild fermented ciders and beer, so I was really excited to crack open this large-format bottle. Farm poured a light-yellow color with a slight haze. I took a waft from my wine glass and was met with the aromas of barnyard funk, tart apple, white grapes and honeydew melon. The smell of the funky yeast really took center stage here. The barnyard funk was also present in the flavor, as well as Granny Smith apple, lime zest, hay and a nice earthy component. The inclusion of Brettanomyces yeast through wild fermentation leaves its typical barnyard characteristic in this cider. The super-dry characteristic played very well with the tartness and mild tannic quality. Farm is bright and refreshing with a serious dryness that sticks on the tongue.

Final Verdict

After having a glass of Farm, I absolutely fell in love! This cider is perfect for anyone who is into craft cider, as well as anyone who is into sour beers and lambics or extra-dry wines. I actually suggest Farm to anyone in general (bold statement, I know).

For $12 for a 750-ml bottle you won’t break the bank trying out an outstanding cider. Call Kurant’s HQ prior to visiting to ensure the release is in stock. And get ready for their next release: Cafe, a cider made with ReAnimator Coffee.

To learn more about Kurant or stay updated on their upcoming bottle release, check out their website or follow them on Facebook.