Ethic Ciders Recommends Where to Donate to Sonoma Fire Victims

Surrounded by all of the fire devastation in Northern California, you may be searching for ways to help residents affected by the disaster. As many of you have been following in the news, Sonoma County specifically has experienced an incredible loss of homes, businesses and entire communities.

To encourage getting involved, Ethic Ciders (which runs a cider in Petaluma and a farm in Sebastopol, Calif.) has compiled a list of places to donate to benefit Sonoma’s fire victims. While volunteering or giving goods might seem more personal, the number one need by far in the communities is monetary donations.

Ethic Cider

You may be struggling to find the most effective way to help given the number of charitable organizations out there, and there’s been an incredible outpouring of food, temporary shelter and firefighters and first responders assisting victims and their families. This will be a long, slow recovery, and supporting Sonoma’s local charities and businesses is truly the best way to keep all of Northern California on the path to recovery.

Here are three organizations that Ethic recommends for sending help to Sonoma fire victims:

Needs change quickly and differ among affected regions. Check back often to see what the current needs may be to better help the communities involved, and thanks to Ethic Ciders for promoting these three organizations!

  • Photo: Pexels