The Double Tap List: The Best of #Cider on Instagram (Oct. 14–20)

Oh, my goodness, it is finally Friday, #ciderlovers. What a week! We are so thankful that the weekend is upon us.

The arrival of Friday means one thing: a new roundup of the most notable and like-worthy cider content on Instagram. Life in the #ciderworld has been fun and carefree this week with lighthearted photos of new flavors, tastings and grand openings. Check out some of our favorites from October 14–20:

Noble Cider

These ciders have a very House Stark feel to them, am I right? We love these labels by Noble Cider just as much as we love what is bottled inside. Noble held a tasting this week, letting the public sample some of its delicious products. If you haven’t tried these ciders yet, click here to find a location near you.

Treehorn Cider

On this episode of The Joy of Painting, Bob will walk you through how to turn canvas into a work of cider beauty. If you’re in or nearby the the Marietta, Ga., area this weekend, head over to Treehorn Cider to sample some of its Peaches en Regalia before it runs out. While there, you have to indulge in some of the delightfully spicy El Treeablo!

Tieton Cider Works

Look at the grip those little paws have on that bottle! That stare says, “Back off!” Once you’ve had some of Tieton Cider Works‘ special releases, like the Huckleberry Cider, you won’t want to share either!

Original 13 Ciderworks

We are so excited for Original 13 Ciderworks! Its cidery doors opened for the first time Thursday night in Philadelphia. Stop in and check out the new tasting room to sample some of its flagship ciders, like Sir Charles Original Semi-Dry and Strawberry Valkyrie. Congratulations, Original 13!

JK’s Farmhouse Ciders

Why can’t everyone just be more like cider? Cider doesn’t complain, yell at you or even ask silly questions. Cider just gets us, and so does JK’s Farmhouse Ciders.


Which team are you on? We’re guessing team apple …

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  • Feature photo: Pexels