Golden State Cider Launches California Farms Cider Collection

Golden State Cider recently released its California Farms Cider Collection, a new, draft-only cider series made from single apple varieties from orchards throughout California.

Ready to try a taste of the inaugural cider? The initial release is the Newtown Pippin from Pajaro Valley in Santa Cruz County in Central California. For residents of California and Oregon, you’re in luck, as the Newtown Pippin kegs are now available across both of those states.

“There are so many distinct apple-growing regions in California, as each region has a drastically different climate that imprints a signature on the apples grown there,” says Tim Godfrey, Head Cider Maker for Golden State Cider. “With the launch of the California Farms Cider Collection, we are excited to work directly with apple farmers and bring to consumers the true cider terroirs across our home state.”

Newtown Pippin is a select cider made from 100% Newtown Pippin apples harvested in 2017 from The Five Mile Orchard, an orchard that has been growing apples for nearly a century! Single varietal ciders, such as the Newtown Pippin, are unique in their ability to capture an experience based around a specific variety of apple from a specific time and place.

Golden State Ciders

Jolie Devoto-Wade, co-founder of GSC, with her dad, Stan

The cider starts with an aroma laced with rich notes of honey, melon, lemon, lime and grass. The mouthfeel is full, yet crisp, likely due to the cool marine air that flows through the valley at night. Tasting notes include caramelized honey, apple skin, peppercorn and apple brandy. Add in the fact that this cider boasts an ABV of 8.4%, and you’ve got a flavorful cider which packs a powerful punch!

Grab a taste of Newtown Pippin when you can, and be sure to stay in the loop as to the next cider release in the California Farms Cider Collection series.