Seek Out This Massachusetts-Crafted Cider Syrup


Looking for a way to incorporate the flavor of cider into your cooking? Carr’s Ciderhouse in Massachusetts produces a sweet, tangy cider syrup, also known as “boiled cider,” that is made similarly to maple syrup—except it’s 100% apple cider!

The syrup possesses a deeply caramelized flavor that works well as a drizzle over pork and chicken dishes. It’s also great on waffles and pancakes, in yogurt and granola, spooned atop roasted vegetables, whisked into sweet & sour sauces and more. This dark syrup suggests caramel and pairs exceptionally well with ice cream and other desserts. Consider adding it to your fall cocktails too.

For information on the product and how to purchase, visit the Carr’s Ciderhouse website.

Find Carr’s Ciderhouse at 295 River Dr. in Hadley, Mass.; phone: (413) 345-2133.

  • Photography: Michele Kornegay
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