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It’s Official: Hard Cider Definition Has Been Altered

Last December, we reported that the CIDER Act had passed, paving the way to expand the realm for production creativity and not pigeonhole producers into keeping within the up-to-7% alcohol by volume (ABV) limit. The CIDER Act has now gone into effect, so let’s try to understand what the change in verbiage has done. The law passed by Congress has…

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New Proposed Legislation Aims to Level Playing Field for Hard Cider Makers

When you’re sipping a delicious and refreshing hard cider beverage, you’re probably not pondering what type of legislation surrounds cider making and confronts hard cider makers. However, you better believe that this is an issue for hard cider makers—one that, ultimately, concerns how hard cider finds its way to your thankful grasp. New legislation in the works…

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