The Double Tap List: The Best of #Cider on Instagram (Sept. 23–29)

We’ve waited all week for you, Friday. On behalf of all #ciderlovers, we are so happy to see you!

And another Friday means a new roundup of the most notable and like-worthy cider content on Instagram. The #ciderworld has been buzzing this week with news of cidery openings, pumpkin cider and release parties. Check out some of our favorites from September 23–29:

Hard Core Cider Tour

It’s no longer one week away, but tickets are still available for this weekend’s Hard Core Cider Tour in Santa Cruz. The event will be hosted in San Lorenzo Park tomorrow, September 30, from 1–4 p.m. Be sure to snag your tickets to enjoy delicious food, live music and great cider!

Seattle Cider Company

Good morning, indeed! That’s a nice, big can of pumpkin cider right there. Seattle Cider Company hosted an event this week at The Woods in Seattle, and flights of pumpkin cider cocktails were the main event. How does a Pumpkin Spice Mule sound? For us, it sounds like fall is here, friends.

Garage D’or Ciders

When we think of hailstorms, we imagine icy pellets raining down from the sky and insurance claims. But to the folks over at Garage D’or Ciders, it means golden plum cider, of course! As the result of a recent hailstorm near Ontario, a bounty of golden plums was damaged and could not be sold to consumers. So Garage D’or put the plums to work in a cider. What a creative and resourceful move!

Brownrigg Hard Cider

Look at all that food! Brownrigg Hard Cider hosted a release party this week and invited chef Mike Easton to cook up a feast. With paella and cider on the menu, that must have been one great party! Wonder if there are any leftovers …

SLO Creek Farms

How exciting is this? Congratulations, SLO Creek Farms, on this huge accomplishment. We’re excited to see what ciders you have in store for the winter. With an abundance of your fresh, organic apples, we know you will produce some amazing cider. Who loves hard cider? We love hard cider!


This is your new to-do list for this weekend, so get to it (#5 is strongly encouraged)!

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  • Feature photo: Kaboompics