Cider Association Releases Updates to Certified Cider Professional Exam

Heads up! Last week, USACM released updates to its Level 1 CCP exam. The purpose of the updates are to make the test more relevant to CCP’s target audience. It also appears as if the changes help to further the goal of positioning the test to be like the Cicerone program for the beer industry, or the sommelier program for the wine industry.

“We’ve removed much of the more technical cider making content and replaced it with material more important in the world of beverage and culinary professionals,” explained Michelle McGrath, USACM’s executive director.

So, what does that mean for the exam? Here are the updated exam sections:

  1. Apples, the Orchard & History
  2. Cider Making
  3. Flavor & Evaluation
  4. Cider Styles
  5. Keeping & Serving
  6. Food & Cider.

The “Cider Styles” section follows the USACM cider style guide, which was released last fall by the association’s board of directors.

Paul Vander Heide, USACM’s board president and CCP spokesperson, shared that, “Cider is a fascinating beverage with deep historical roots and a vast culture, but outside of cider makers themselves, few people know about it. Our goal is to educate distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and bar and restaurant professionals. We believe their education will result in increased cider sales.”

The updated test, study materials and more can be accessed on USACM’s website (Pro tip: USACM members receive discounts on exam purchases!). Since CCPs inception in 2016, over 400 people have been certified, and it is estimated that they’ll reach the 1,000-person benchmark this year. Will you be next?


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  • Feature photo: Pexels