Your 2024 CiderCon and PDX Cheat Sheet

It’s absolutely wild to think that CiderCon 2024 is going down in less than a week in Portland, Oregon (exact dates are January 16 through 19). We know many of you are coming from across the country — and even the world! — to attend this industry-leading conference, and though your CiderCon schedule will surely be packed with workshops, speakers and hobnobbing through the Trade Show, we encourage you to get out and experience a bit of the magic PDX is known for! For our all-cider guide to Portland, head here.

Though there will be plenty of locals on hand to offer suggestions, recommendations and advice about Portland’s finest offerings, here’s a handy little cheat sheet to help you on your explorations:


PDX, which is shaped a bit like a smushed rectangle bisected by the Willamette River, is made up of six sections: North, Northeast, Northwest, South, Southeast and Southwest. Each of these quadrants (yes, we know there are more than four) is divided into over 90 formally recognized neighborhoods, each with its own personality. 

If you’re coming in from out of town, you’re probably staying at the Hyatt Regency, which is just a block away from the Oregon Convention Center, where the bulk of CiderCon is taking place. The hotel is situated on the East side of the Willamette River in the Lloyd District neighborhood.  

One fun way to get out into the city could be to check out the Oregon Cider Week schedule (taking place January 13-21), pick an event that catches your eye in PDX and go! A few to consider are:

Some of the more hip neighborhoods in Portland are:

Portland Cider House
  • Alberta Arts District: Located in Northeast PDX, this colorful district boasts plenty of galleries, restaurants and bars, and connects the Concordia, King and Vernon neighborhoods.
  • Alphabet District/Nob Hill: This posh area in the Northwestern quadrant is dripping with Portland quirkiness and seriously great views of the city!

No matter where you wander, make a point to sample the cuisine PDX is best-known for: donuts, ice cream and pizza (that’s a tough assignment, right?). Some local gems to sample are Salt & Straw Ice Cream, Ice Queen Popsicles, Virtuous Pie, Scottie’s Pizza Parlor, Sesame Donuts and Blue Star Donuts

Of course, there are also so many (SO many) coffee shops. Avoid the chains and get your caffeine at any of the seemingly infinite cafes, like Saint Simon Coffee Co., Cafe United, Courier Coffee Roasters, Heart Coffee Roasters … and hundreds more. 

You may be asking: What’s the best way to get around Portland? The public transportation in PDX comes in a few different flavors:

  • TriMet Buses, with over 80 routes across the city. Pay your fare with contactless payment through your phone or credit card, with a Hop Fastpass®, ticket or with cash. Fare is $2.80 per ride.
  • MAX Light Rail, which connects PDX with nearby Beaverton, Clackamas, Gresham, Hillsboro, Milwaukie and North/Northeast Portland. To pay your fare, tap your Hop Fastpass or contactless phone/credit card payment at the station to pay your fare before boarding.
  • Portland Streetcar, another option with multiple routes throughout downtown Portland (the Hyatt and Convention Center are right off the B Line!). The cars run every 15-20 minutes; see here for fare info.

Fun fact: The first 1,000 CiderCon attendees will get a Trimet pass good for buses, MAX or Streetcar rides!

Before you go, there is one more important thing we have to cover, and that is a pronunciation guide for words that are oft-misspoken:

  • Oregon is pronounced Or-i-ginn, not Or-ee-gon or Or-a-gon
  • Willamette, as in the river and the Valley, is Will-a-mitt (rhymes with “dammit”), not Willmett, Williamette, Will-a-met… or any of the other ways people try to say it!   
  • Couch Street, which runs through Old Town, is pronounced Kooch
  • Glisan Street is pronounced like Gleeson.

We hope this has been a helpful primer to the weird, wonderful place that is Portland, Oregon. Have an educational, safe and fun CiderCon 2024!

  • Feature photo: Pexels
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