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Posts by Stephanie Anderson

This Thanksgiving, Try Cider-Can Turkey

One of the biggest things agonized over during the approach for Thanksgiving is how to cook the turkey. Marinate? Brine? Roast? Grill? Fry? There are so many options, each offering a different level of difficulty and ultimate flavor outcome. One wrong move, one poor tactical culinary decision, and you’ve got yourself a tasteless and dry Thanksgiving turkey.…

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Did You Know the Best Thanksgiving Wine Is Cider?

Move over, wine: there’s a new preferred Thanksgiving beverage in town. With hard cider so on trend right now, it makes sense for it to be incorporated into seasonal celebrations. But the real question is this: why have we taken so long to embrace cider as the drink of choice on Turkey Day? Everything about cider…

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The Hunt for the $1 Billion Apple

Bigfoot. UFOs. The Loch Ness Monster. A living Elvis. There is something intriguing about these tall tale creatures that exist seemingly out of our reach. Though most will deny their existence, there are some who hold fast to the hope of meeting these cryptid beings. Some ciderists are on a similar tall tale adventure, holding…

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Is Craft Cider Going Mainstream?

We are in the dawn of a new era: the Cider Era. While craft beer is the well-known celebrity in the spotlight, craft cider is the up-and-coming indie band quietly climbing the ranks. We’re seeing cider on taps, at cider festivals and along cider trails. It’s time to give credit where credit is due: craft…

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Maine’s Hard Cider Industry Is Ready for a Comeback

Cider lovers rejoice: our favorite fermented beverage is quickly making a comeback! Like many alcoholic beverages, cider had an uphill climb to make after Prohibition. Decades later, it is infiltrating bottles and taps across the country. Its newest target: Maine. In a recent article, Down East gives readers a look at a handful of orchardists who are breathing…

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