Cider Culture Virtual Happy Hour #4: Co-Hosted with Ian Capps of Stem Ciders (Friday, April 10, 5 p.m. ET)

This Friday, we are back with another Cider Culture Virtual Happy Hour! These happy hours have provided such a fun way to connect after days of isolation, and it’s wildly exciting to have an actual social gathering to look forward to on a Friday after work. If you haven’t checked out a Cider Culture Happy Hour yet, please drop in this week!

This week’s hang will be hosted by Ian Capps of Stem Ciders in Denver, Colorado. Stem’s head cider maker since 2015, Ian is charged with turning all the juice into all the cider. Originally from Grand Junction, Colorado, and now a longtime Denver resident, Ian’s unique background in brewing, cider making and distilling leads the way in both traditional cider making and product innovation. Having once made booze from a few ingredients in a trash bag while deployed on a U.S. submarine in the Persian Gulf, for Ian, experimentation and trying crazy new things is what makes his cider making game best-in-class. When he’s not in the cellar, you’ll find him out on his bike, at a soccer game, or enjoying some family time.

Stem Ciders

Ian Capps

Let’s do this thing! Here’s how you can join us for this week’s Cider Culture Virtual Happy Hour:

  • We’re hosting the happy hour through Zoom, a popular video conferencing website.
  • You don’t need to sign up with Zoom to join us, but you DO need to download the app to your phone or computer. It’s free and easy to do.
  • Grab a cider from the fridge to crack open starting at 5 p.m. ET! We’ll have a fun group “cheers” and talk about what we’re drinking.
  • The happy hour will go ’til about 5:45 ET, and you’re welcome to drop in at any time.
  • Tell your friends! All are welcome!!

The meeting info is as follows:

Zoom Meeting URL:

Meeting ID: 663 129 141
Password: 004223

Come hang and blow off some steam after the work week!

  • Feature photo: Richard Ashenfelder for Cider Culture
  • Ian Capps photo: Stem Ciders