The Double Tap List: The Best of #Cider on Instagram (Jan. 6–12)

It is Friday, #ciderlovers, and what a week it has been! I hope you enjoyed every moment of it. But, let’s be honest, we are all happy the weekend is here.

The arrival of Friday means it’s time for a new version of The Double Tap List, our roundup of the most notable and like-worthy cider content on Instagram. The #ciderworld was full of activity this week, like cider competitions, correct pronunciations and making new friends!

Check out some of our favorites from January 6–12:

Almar Orchards

Look at that face! That is sheer disappointment, my friends. I would be sad, too, if I missed out on the last keg of Almar Orchard‘s Farm Batch Honeycrisp cider! So, if you are reading this, you are losing time to go get yourself some Honeycrisp before it runs out. So, go! (I’m kidding — we just got started with this post! When you are done reading, then go!)

Original 13 Ciderworks

Way to go, Original 13 Ciderworks, on the 3rd place win at the PA Farm Show‘s first annual cider competition this year. Categories included Modern Cider, Sour Cider and Spiced Cider. Original 13 won for their Sir Charles Atacama Bone Dry Cider, a dry variation with no added sugar. Check out the list of other winners on Cider Culture!

Scott County Cider Co.

Appalachia; noun (App-uh-latch-uh): A region in the Eastern United States, where the locals will know immediately if you are not a local sheerly by your pronunciation of the the word.

It’s true, though, you can definitely tell who is not from at least the Northeast region by how they pronounce certain words. Scott County Cider Co., located in Dungannon, VA, is producing quality bottled cider, right in the middle of Appalachia. If you have not heard of this cidery yet, be sure to check out its Facebook page for more information.

Swilled Dog Hard Cider

Fact: Dancing and singing in your apple orchard will scare away evil spirits that could ruin your harvest. According to Swilled Dog Hard Cider, this tradition varies from town to town. It must be working for them because Swilled Dog has produced some amazing cider! Pro tip: You can also receive its products right on your doorstep when you join the exclusive Swilled Dog Cider Club.

Please feel free to send us videos of you performing this wassailing ritual to help your future harvest. We promise we won’t laugh… !

Levengoods of Lancaster

Dear Levengoods of Lancaster, I wanted you to know that I saw your Instagram comment and wanted to include you on our Double Tap List this week. I enjoy a company that always has fresh ideas. Say no more than Dry Cranberry Cider! I’m excited to come try this. Here is a list of what you need to be trying at Levengoods next time you’re in Amish country!

Here at Cider Culture, we love all of our fellow #cider community and we want to share and celebrate all your stories and successes.

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Ladies and Gentlemen: #cidergoats. Serious question: What could possibly be cuter? (Photo via: @pick_cider, regrammed from @drapergirlsfarm.)

True innovation is what drives our society forward. I applaud this unique exercising technique, which utilizes everyday items in any #ciderlovers home. Great picture, @teenygils!

We can all do our part by rescuing some cider from its confines this weekend!! Enjoy! (Snap from @pinterest via @theprincealbertcopthorne.)

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  • Feature photo: Pexels