How to Host a Blind Cider Tasting Party

So, here we are in the homestretch of winter, and we’re slowly running out of ways to entertain ourselves. We’ve watched all the Netflix, played all the board games, baked all the cookies and listened to all the records. But, we’ve still got a long way to go before it’s time for porch hangs and picnics (sob!).

Our friends over at Jack’s Hard Cider came up with a super-fun idea to help while away a chilly night with friends: Host a blind cider tasting party! This is inspired by the concept of a blind wine tasting, where bottles’ labels are concealed in brown paper bags so you’re able to taste what’s inside with no preconceived notions.

This same things can be applied to craft cider — hit up your favorite bottle shop for a bunch of different varieties. To keep your friends guessing, be sure to add a single varietal, a blend, a hopped cider, a fruited cider and any others you can find. If you want to be mean, throw in a non-alcoholic cider in the mix and see who you can fool!

For more info on how to set up this interactive and informative cider-based gathering, head over to the blog at Jack’s Hard Cider!

  • Photo: Bigstock