The Double Tap List: The Best of #Cider on Instagram (Sept. 9–15)

Hello, Friday! We #ciderlovers are happy to see you! Welcome back to our roundup of the most notable and like-worthy cider content on Instagram.

It’s been another busy week, so let’s kick back with some happy photo moments from the #ciderworld.

From festivals to apple harvesting to delicious doughnuts, fall is in the air! Check out some of our favorites from September 9–15:

Bold Rock Hard Cider

Nothing is better than spending a Friday night with your #bestfriend. Especially if your best friend is an adorable, 100-lb. Labrador! Thank you, Bold Rock, for showing us that no matter what shape or size your best friend is, you can always enjoy a cider together.

Kekionga Cider Company

Dear Pumpkin Spice,

We enjoy how #basic you are. We love how you can be added to everything from lattes to cereal and how you somehow do not contain even an ounce of actual pumpkin flavor. Our fans, however, enjoy that we actually taste like #realapples because we are created from pressed apples. Just ask Kekionga Cider.

No shade,

Apple Cider

Santa Barbara Cider Co.

The Goleta Lemon Festival is happening this weekend in Goleta, California. Santa Barbara Cider Company will be featuring its blueberry lemonade hard cider at its taproom to help you prep for a tart weekend. Pucker up!

Abandoned Cider

Nothing looks as vibrant as freshly picked fruit. Abandoned Cider in New York is starting the season off right with these beauties from its orchard. So many vibrant colors! #wildapples

Brooklyn Cider House

Everyone enjoys great cider, including the people of Prague. Brooklyn Cider House‘s sticker made it all the way across the pond to share the message that ugly apples, indeed, taste better. (We will look past the fact that someone defaced a historical city for the sake of cider.)

Magners Irish Cider

We, too, are grasping to every last ray of summer sun before we greet fall next week.  These chickens have the right idea for the weekend: just chillin’ and grillin’ and enjoying being engulfed in the flavors of Magner’s Irish Cider.

Blake’s Hard Cider Co.

Blake’s Hard Cider and I are on the same page. My diet consists of a regular consumption of donuts, cider and a crazy amount of coffee. It’s as if I’m prepping for fall all year long. Nothing is better than a cider donut, though. Man, do those look #tasty!

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  • Feature photo: Pexels