The Double Tap List: The Best of #Cider on Instagram (Oct. 6–12)

Are you checking your phone every five seconds to see how much time has gone by? Do you find that your chair is becoming slightly more uncomfortable with every passing moment? Do you feel like the world is closing in on your desk? Well then, my friends, you have a dreadful case of what we call “The Friday Afternoons”!

You are in luck, though, because we have a fix to help you pass the time: a brand-new version of The Double Tap List, our curated roundup of the most notable and like-worthy cider content that we discovered on Instagram over the past seven days. This week’s #cidernews on Instagram is taking you to a delicious cider pairing filled with cupcakes, sharing ghost stories, and getting the stuffing scared out of us by a shifty-eyed clown. Sounds fun, right?

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Check out some of our favorite ‘grams from October 6–12:

Urban Farm Fermentory

Does anyone know what a Snallygaster is? Well, for those not up-to-date on their German-American folklore, it is said that the Snallygaster is a mythical beast that inhabits Central Maryland and the D.C. metro area. I’ve heard, though, that the folks who live in Frederick County are the most likely to have an encounter with the reptile-like creature, if you are interested in seeing it. (You know, just in case you were looking for something to do this weekend … You’re welcome!) If seeing a demonic mythical creature, AND drinking cider is somewhere near the top of your Halloween to-do list, then head on over to D.C.’s largest beer fest: Snallygaster 2018. On Saturday, October 13, the 7th annual Snallygaster fest will kick off at its new location on Pennsylvania Ave. NW, between 3rd and 6th. Urban Farm Fermentory of Portland, Maine will be on location dishing out some of its fermented cider goods, along with Potter’s Craft Cider and Supreme Core Cider of D.C. The festival serves as a fundraiser for Arcadia, a nonprofit organization creating a more sustainable local food system in the D.C. metro region. General admission tickets are still available here.

1859 Cider Co.

I bet this was an interesting hour-and-a-half. For those who are a fans of ghost stories and folklore, 1859 Cider Co. in Salem, Oregon hosted a Storyteller’s Night on Thursday, October 11. Interested patrons attempted to scare one another with their own personal paranormal tales. We all know that someone came loaded with all of the good stories: footsteps in the attic, faint whispers in the night, that creepy clown standing in their backyard with a balloon … you know, the classics. Good thing there was cider on tap to calm the nerves! 1859’s bourbon barrel-aged Farmer’s Reserve is enough to do the trick. I hear its 7.76% ABV is strong enough to be an effective ghost-repellent.

Diskin Cider

It wouldn’t be Halloween if there wasn’t some form of excessive debauchery. Nashville’s Diskin Cider is the place to be on Saturday, October 27, for a little bit of Halloween sultriness, as it hosts the one and only Truvy’s Rhinestone Cabaret for a live event. Aerialists, burlesque and fire dancers will be featured at this free event (yes, I said FREE!). Be sure to come in costume and bring your appetite, because there will be plenty of food and cider to go around. I hear the Bourbon Tart Cherry will be on tap, and the aroma of sweet caramel and cherries will be just enough to offset the raunchy notes of that night!

Seattle Cider Company

Dear Lawd, NO! If anyone knows me, they know I don’t do clowns. I love Halloween shenanigans as much as the next person, but when you throw a clown into the mix, I’m out. That new version of the movie IT that just came out will never be found in my movie queue. Ever! If you do like clowns, though, then you are in luck: Seattle Cider Company has teamed up with its neighborhood haunted house, Georgetown Morgue, to give all of its customers a really spooky deal! Head over to the cidery after getting the bejezus scared out of you, and when you show your ticket, you will receive $1 off any cider ordered. Just what you need after a long, scary night — a drink!

Stem Ciders

Oh my gosh, I love cupcakes! How amazing do these decadent pastries look? It is a Halloween-lover’s dessert dream. Head down to Stem Ciders this coming Tuesday, October 16, for this spooky pairing party! For $20, you can indulge in four mouthwatering cupcakes by Mermaids Bakery that have been paired perfectly with a selection of Stem’s ciders.  The Horchata Goth cupcake is a work of art, with that perfect black icing rose and black glitter lining. You’ll probably end up spending more time taking pictures of the cupcakes than you will eating them — like the true Instagrammer I know you are!


In other news: There is a pig-friendly cidery on the block! Yes, friends, you can bring your pigs on down to Blue Bee Cider for a rowdy good time. Say ‘Hi’ to Abnor, friends! @virginiacider

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