It’s All Coming Up Rosés: 8 Ciders to Drink to Get Your Pink On

As rosé wine and champagne continue to shine in the pink-tinted spotlight, rosé cider is also taking the booze scene by storm, thanks to a bunch of cideries throughout the country. With its blushing hue and a wide range of flavor profiles, each rosé has its own personality.

So, no matter how or when you choose to drink it, pink is here to stay. Find our favorite rosé ciders below (no rosé-colored glasses necessary):

Angry Orchard

When Angry Orchard jumps on board, you know a trend has gone mainstream. Its rosé cider delivers the crisp and refreshing qualities of cider with a rosy color and floral aroma. Angry Orchard found a unique, red flesh apple in Brittany, France that contributes to the cider’s bright apple flavor and rosy hue.

rose cider

These super red apples were blended with the juices of six apple varieties and other ingredients, like a hint of hibiscus, to create a perfect rosé for spring and beyond: an unconventional, apple-forward style that brings a unique flavor for wine and cider drinkers, alike.

Citizen Cider bRosé

bRosé is inspired by and made by, you guessed it, three bros. in the great state of Vermont. This is a handcrafted cider made by co-fermenting 100% Vermont blueberries and sweet cider pressed at Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury, Vermont. The blueberries are responsible for giving this cider its pink coloring. As Citizen Cider puts it, bRosé is the embodiment of cooperation: Blueberry and apple, summer and fall, farmers and cider makers. And, it sure tastes like teamwork; sweet success!

Shacksbury + Sunday In Brooklyn Rosé Cider

Meet Rosé, Shacksbury Cider‘s take on a pink-hued cider, crafted in partnership with its friends at Sunday In Brooklyn. Rosé features 100% local fresh-pressed apples from Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont and, post-fermentation, the cider ages on local Marquette grape skins. The skins lend flavor, color and tannin to the cider. The result? Shacksbury Rosé is a fun-loving, yet refined, cider that is as tasty as it is beautiful.

Wolffer Rosé Cider

Promised as “summer in a bottle,” Wolffer Cider‘s premium sparkling dry cider is a “reflection of soft summer hues of sunsets across the Hampton beaches.” This unique hard cider is sourced from six varieties of New York state dessert apples through a carefully selective taste test, ensuring each variety contributes to the cider’s distinctive character. In this case, the pink color comes from a dash of organic sweet potato extract that also serves to balance the cider’s sweetness. To increase its rosé qualities, this cider was made with wine yeast, as well as wine skins, to produce that classic coloring: glowing with a shiny rose color.

Bold Rock Rosé Cider

Bold Rock has created a fruit-forward rosé style cider with a crisp berry finish. With an emphasis on the classic berry notes of rosé wine, Bold Rock has given cider’s apple base a vibrant fresh finish similar to the grape-based counterpart. A wide variety of red apples and a naturally occurring pigment extract have been added to achieve its rosy color profile. And, just like the rest of its line up, Bold Rock’s rosé has 1/3 fewer calories than the majority of other ciders, which won’t counteract your #summerbod goals!

Eden Specialty Ciders Imperial 11° Rosé Cider

Eden‘s Imperial 11° Rosé Cider is created purely and only from apples and red currants. This means no added sugar, no added coloring or additional flavorings. Eden uses the cold winter weather in Northern Vermont to freeze concentrated juice before fermentation. Eden then co-ferments the juice with red currant to give the cider its fruity and tart flavoring and pink coloring.  The final product is lightly carbonated, full flavored and pleasantly balanced.

Original Sin Hard Cider Dry Rosé Cider

Original Sin created its Rosé Cider by using all New York apples, with its coloring coming from some time spent with grape skins. And it definitely lives up to the “dry” in its name, similar to a champagne. Dry Rosé features a beautiful light pink color with a delicate nose and a refreshing acidity.

Coming Soon: Virtue Rosé Cider

Virtue Cider has been making rosé-inspired cider since 2015, and it’s almost time to get your hands on a brand new blend of its beautiful pink drink! A blend of hand-pressed heirloom Michigan apples, including Jonathans, Golden Russet, McIntosh, Winesap, Ida Red and Northern Spy were aged in oak barrels, then finished with a botanical blend with citrus oil, sage and hibiscus. The result is notes of flowers, fresh-picked apples, grapefruit peel and unripened strawberry with a tart finish. The draft version is available now and 12-ounce cans (!) are hitting shelves this April.

So which rosé will you be sipping when the sun decides to stick around for spring and summer?

  • Bold Rock and Wolffer Estate photos: Dish Works
  • Eden Specialty Ciders photo: Mckenzie Doyle
  • All other photos: Contributed from Cideries

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  1. Peggy Haine on March 13, 2018 at 11:42 am

    Don’t forget Kite & String’s (Finger Lakes Cider House) Rosé ’16, a method charmat celebration of the Finger Lakes wine and cider culture. It’s a blend of rare high-acid cider apples with vinifera grapes. With strong aromatics of strawberries and lilac, it is full of berry notes blanced with crisp acidity, and has a round, creamy finish. I’m not a fan of “additives” to apples in cider, but this one is refreshing and totally delicious!

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