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How to Pair 8 Classic Holiday Sweets with Cider

The holidays are here again, and it’s time to entertain, celebrate and gather around the table with family and friends. This time of year presents a perfect opportunity to introduce your guests to the wonderful flexibility of craft cider! The virtues of cider pairing with ham, turkey, goose and pork are clear to all cider…

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Craft Cider Trends for 2018

As we progress through the international cider revolution, we have to look ahead toward the horizon of this constantly evolving industry. 2017 was the year of reform (CIDER Act), retirements (Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge Cider), and the seemingly unstoppable growth of regional cider. 2018 promises to be another important year for cider to better…

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Empire State Cider Regions: Terroir and Traditions

New York state is home to several distinctive apple-growing regions with distinct challenges, pressures and rewards, all of which have a profound impact on cider. Various environmental, geographical, geological and cultural and historical factors define the fruit and its products. Still in the infancy of the cider industry, these regions are being defined and negotiated…

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