Dog-Friendly Cideries: Midwest U.S. Edition

Welcome to the fourth edition of Cider Culture’s dog-friendly cidery series. Our contributor and avid dog-lover, Samantha Story, will be sharing with you places where you and your furry best friend can unwind and grab a cider this fall. For more, check out Samantha’s earlier installments, covering dog-friendly cideries in the Northeast U.S. and Part 1 & Part 2 of our Southern editions.

The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees and the temperatures outside are beginning to get brisker. Welcome to the first days of autumn! The season that is synonymous with apple-picking and cider-sipping. If there is any time of year to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, that time is now! Cider-lovers everywhere know this to be fact, and they enjoy nothing more than relaxing at their favorite cider locations with great company.

We are all defined by the company we keep, and I know for a fact that many in the cider community love spending time with their four-legged pals. Cideries across the country are becoming very open to patrons bringing along their puppies on their cider adventures, which is so refreshing to see! The Midwest region of the U.S. does not disappoint when it comes to dog-friendly cideries, so come along with us as we explore the cideries of the heartland.

Ohio: Mad Moon Craft Cidery

Mad Moon Craft Cidery will win over your heart with its puppy-fondness! It recently hosted an event for RESCUEDohio to raise funds to benefit all of the dogs available for adoption. The cherry on top of this event was the cider release in memory of their dear dog, Jinx. How sweet is that?! I’m not crying, you’re crying!  2134 Britains Ln., Columbus, OH; (614) 354-8171.

Indiana: Mallow Run Winery

The advocacy for dog rescues in the cider community is overwhelming, with so many companies stepping up to the plate to help raise funds for their local shelters. Mallow Run Winery is known for its production of canned wines and ciders, like the fall-favorite Cranberry Hard Cider. The company is also making itself known for its fondness for the furry members of the community by annually hosting Labapalooza at their winery, which helps to benefit Love of Labs, Indiana6964 W. Whiteland Rd., Bargersville, IN; (317) 422-1556.

Indiana: Friendly Beasts Cider Company

Something tells me the name is going to say it all! Friendly Beasts Cider Company encourages two things: bring your thirst for cider and … B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Beast)! We love seeing dogs who love being at cideries as much as their humans. Come try a cider from their herd of animal-themed cider selections, like the Sweet Snout or the Screech Owl Peach. 222 W. 2nd St., Bloomington, IN; (812) 641-5553.

Minnesota: Sociable Cider Werks

You can go ahead and cancel your profile to any online dating website because we have the answers to your dating woes right here. Is your Friday night wide open right now? Great, because the only date you will need at Sociable Cider Werks is your pooch! Sit out under the stars at Sociable’s taproom and sip on some ciders while staring deep into eyes of the only love you need — your dog! 1500 Fillmore St. NE, Minneapolis, MN; (612) 758-0105.

Missouri: Calibration Brewery

Okay, before you protest: I know this is a brewery, but if you are a native of Kansas City, then you also know this brewery is dishing up three very delectable ciders, as well. Not just any three ciders, but a traditional cider, a mojito-style and a raspberry cider. Calibration Brewery was a part of the 2018 Pup Crawl, an event hosted by the Great Plains SPCA. This bar-hopping adventure stopped at various dog-friendly watering holes in the North Kansas City neighborhood and raised funds and awareness for the SPCA.  119 Armour Rd., North Kansas City, MO; (816) 994-8277.

North Dakota: Wild Terra Cider and Brewing

This summer, Wild Terra Cider and Brewing finished the production of its patio so you and all of your friends can go for some cider fun! Bask in that sun alongside your furry pals while you kick back at Wild Terra’s Downtown Fargo taproom and enjoy a bite from its meat-free kitchen! 6 12th St. N, Fargo, ND; (701) 639-6273.

South Dakota: Miner Brewing Company

Fact: Your dog is powerful medicine for stress-relief. Head out to Miner Brewing‘s patio to get a good dose of relaxation with your pup as you indulge in another form of stress-relief: cider! Yes, I know this is a brewery, but it does have two of its very own ciders on tap for your enjoyment. Dive into the Miner Rose Hip Cider or Pineapple Perry for some real fall refreshment. 23845 US-385, Hill City, SD; (605) 574-2886.

Kansas: Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery and Lucky Dog Hard Cider

Somerset Ridge Winery‘s very own Lucky Dog Hard Cider is a barking big deal! It recently won a silver award at the Seattle Cider Awards this past summer, and it’s quickly winning over our hearts with puppy love. Check out Somerset Ridge’s Lucky Dogs of the Day on its Instagram page.  29725 Somerset Rd., Paola, KS; (913) 491-0038.

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  • Feature photo: Pexels