Stowe Cider Releases Next in its Brainwave Project, ‘Gummy Bears’

Do you like cider? Do you like candy? Then you’re gonna love Stowe Cider‘s newest addition to its Brainwaves Project: Gummy Bears. Yes, it’s made with actual gummy bears — sour blue raspberry ones, to boot!

Stowe Gummy Bears

Despite the fact that it was co-fermented and aged on sugar-packed gummies, Gummy Bears is actually a dry cider and contains only 3 grams of sugar per 16-ounce can. The less candy-obsessed of you may be asking: Why gummies?

“Sour gummies have always had this cult-like following, and I’ve always had a penchant for them,” said Mark Ray, owner of Stowe Cider. “What makes this cider particularly dreamy is the big tart flavor of the gummies coming through, but there’s almost no sugar to speak of in the cider. It takes on the aroma and flavor of candy without the sweetness.”

If its recent CBD cider experiment is any indication, Vermont’s Stowe Cider is not afraid to follow intuition and doesn’t shy away from unique and non-traditional ingredients and flavors. In fact, that’s what the Brainwaves Project is all about. Stowe calls it “an eclectic collection of dreamy experimental ciders, straight from our brains to your taste buds.” These limited-edition ciders have included Lavender Cyser (a cider and honey co-fermentation infused with lavender and a touch of honey) and Citrus Mist (lemon-lime citrus cider with a hint of strawberry).

Find Gummy Bears exclusively at the Stowe Cider tasting room in Stowe, Vermont in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans and on draft. As you can probably imagine, this extremely limited cider won’t last long!

Find Stowe Cider‘s tasting room at 17 Town Farm Lane in Stowe, VT; phone: (802) 253-2065.

  • Photo: Stowe Cider