Cider Makers

New cideries are popping up all over the country. Meet established and brand-new cider makers with our series of Q&As and behind-the-scenes profiles. Behind every cider maker is a great story; uncover them here!

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VIDEO: A Year in the Life of England’s Sheppy’s Cider

Credit: Reverend Nat's Hard Cider Facebook Account

Oregon Cidery to Discover: Rev. Nat’s Hard Cider

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VIDEO: Cider Maker You Need to Know: Trevor Newman

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11 Pennsylvania Cider Makers You Should Know About

Credit: Hawk Knob Cidery & Meadery

New in West Virginia: Hawk Knob Cidery & Meadery

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Discover Vermont’s Shacksbury Cider & Join Its Exclusive Club

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Cider Maker of the Moment: Adams County’s Big Hill Ciderworks

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Adams County Wine: Behind the Scenes at Hauser Estate Winery & Jack’s Hard Cider


Good Intentions Make Great Cider: A Q&A with a Pennsylvania Cidery