Roast a Cider Can Turkey for Thanksgiving 2015



One of the biggest things agonized over during the approach for Thanksgiving is how to cook the turkey. Marinate? Brine? Roast? Grill? Fry? There are so many options, each offering a different level of difficulty and ultimate flavor outcome. One wrong move, one poor tactical culinary decision, and you’ve got yourself a tasteless and dry Thanksgiving turkey.

:: cue shuddering, weeping and gnashing of teeth ::

Luckily our friends at Woodchuck Cider know the importance of a perfect holiday bird, and they have kindly mapped out how to execute the most epic Thanksgiving turkey ever. Behold: the Cider Can Turkey. So simple, so trendy, so absolutely delicious.

Go grab a pack of your favorite canned cider and cook that bird!

Get the full recipe on the Woodchuck Cider website. Be sure to also explore their other cider-infused Thanksgiving recipes.

  • Photo: PhotoDune

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