Cider Recipes

Don’t settle for simple sipping. Infuse your whole eating and drinking experience with apples. Browse our collection of cider recipes, cider cocktails, cider sauces, cider desserts and more to plant some cider seeds in your imagination!

sage compound butter

Recipe: Cider Sage Compound Butter

Cider Peach Smash

Recipe: Cider Peach Smash Cocktail

cider granita

Recipe: Ginger Cider Granita


Recipe: Cider Mint Julep

cider-spiked salsa verde

Recipe: Cider-Spiked Apple Salsa Verde

Cider Recipes

Recipe: Simple Slow-Cooker Cider Chicken Tacos


Recipe: Jalapeño Pitcher Ciderita

cider cheese sauce

Recipe: Hard Cider Cheese Sauce with Soft Pretzels

how to pair cider with Thai food

The No-Sweat Guide to Cider-and-Food Pairings

Valentine's Sweets and Cider

Cider Loves Food: Valentine’s Day Treats & Cider

cider for holidays meals

Cider Loves Food: Holiday Meals and Winter Feasts