Welcome to Our New Video Series: Cider Mail!

Welcome to our first video series: Cider Mail! This ongoing exploration of the many amazing cider samples sent to us will feature cider experts, writers and makers, as well as chefs, culinary artisans and any other cider enthusiasts we can lure into our studio with the promise of some tasty cider.

In our first episode, we’ve got Dan Pucci and Meredith Collins behind the table. They’re both professional cider lovers and longtime contributors to Cider Culture. We filmed this episode during CiderCon in the same studio where we were also holding professional product photography shoots for cider companies. So, please excuse the flashes and camera clicks — there was a lot of action that day!

Without further ado: Cider Mail episode #1:

If you are a cider maker or brand who wants to be a featured in an upcoming episode of Cider Mail, please fill out this form or email us at cheers@ciderculture.com for shipping instructions. Thanks! 

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  1. Patrick Mann on April 14, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    Nice to learn about some ciders I hadn’t heard of before. Ricker Hill’s sounds like my kind of cider.

    Can we stop using the word “sessionable” though? What does it mean? Low ABV? Low tannin? Low acid? Or just: “I like drinking this cider”. Any of those would be more helpful. It’s just such an inane buzzword at this point.

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