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Potter's Craft Cider

Cidermaker Q & A: Potter’s Craft Cider

By Malaika Tyson / May 18, 2021 /

Malaika Tyson is one half of the blogging duo Cider Soms, which was started as a way to introduce wine-lovers to the world of cider. Created along with her husband Sean, the “Soms” blog seeks to uncover and explain the complexities of ciders in a fun way. I first came across Potter’s Craft Cider during…

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Vermont Terroir Cider

Take a Virtual Mini-Vacation with This “Vermont Terroir Cider” Video

By Emily Kovach / August 20, 2020 /

For many of us, this hasn’t been a great summer for traveling. Even if you’ve been able to take an occasional weekend getaway to the beach or countryside, bigger trips are sadly not a part of our “normal” lives right now. For cider fans, visiting cideries in other states or cidermaking regions is often an…

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cider made with beer yeast

6 Ciders Made with Beer Yeast

By Emily Kovach / March 25, 2020 /

Apples are the stars of the show when it comes to making craft cider; the characteristics of the fruit determine so much when it comes to the flavor of the liquid. But, yeast is nearly just as important to the process — after all, without yeast, fermentation is impossible, and it’s both the flavor and…

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Willow Oaks Craft Cider

Meet the Terroir-Driven Ciders of Willow Oaks Craft Cider

By Emily Kovach / August 27, 2019 /

For 30 years, Lori Leitzel Rice and her husband, Eric Rice, have been growing fruit at Country Pleasures Farm, the oldest organic farm in the state of Maryland. Inspired by the complex, dry ciders he’d tasted during travels in Europe during his grad school days, Eric had always hoped to make cider from some of…

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Cider Week VA

3 Ciders You Should Be Drinking to Get Excited for Cider Week VA

By Emily Kovach / July 24, 2018 /

Save the date: Cider Week VA is on the books this year from November 9–18, 2018, featuring many events, including dinners, tastings and competitions all across Old Dominion. The big kick-off for Cider Week VA is the 6th Annual Richmond Cider Celebration on Saturday, November 10, from 11 a.m.–4 p.m., at the 17th Street Farmers Market. But, no…

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Women Making Waves in the Hard Cider World 6

By Holly Tennant / March 30, 2017 /

As 2017 unfolds, cider is getting closer to becoming a staple beverage alongside beer and wine, and it is also receiving creative treatment in unexpected directions. New cider companies are cropping up almost daily, and others are transitioning as the industry matures. Also continuing to “trend” this year are women cidermakers. In honor of Women’s…

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Six Days at CiderCON: An Insider’s Look

By Ronald Sansone / February 10, 2016 /

Last week I was one of about 1,200 attendants at CiderCON in Portland, Oregon. If you don’t know about CiderCON, it is an annual gathering of commercial cider makers. It’s an opportunity for cider makers to meet, share ideas, collaborate and effect positive changes in cider-making and cider-fruit production best practices, the cider market and…

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Joint adVENTURE cider

Collabo to Know: Big Hill + Distillery Lane + Albemarle Joint adVENTURE

By Emily Kovach / March 2, 2018 /

Three cider makers might sound like too many cooks in the kitchen, but in the case of the new collaboration from Big Hill Ciderworks, Distillery Lane Ciderworks and Albemarle Ciderworks, three is just the right number for a wonderful collaboration. The three companies from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, respectively, each contributed fruit from their orchards and…

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