5 Ciders You Should Be Drinking Right Now

Fall is (finally) here! Between living up autumn life with apple and pumpkin picking, flannel everything, cold-weather recipes—and all of the aforementioned captured on your friends’ Instagram feeds—we bet you’re cracking open a lot of cider.

With so many seasonal ciders hitting shelves and draft lines, it’s time to add some new stuff to your weekly rotation. Here are five of our recommendations of the craft ciders you should be drinking right now:

Shacksbury Cider Spritz Ginger

Did somebody say ginger?

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WE SAID GINGER! Well, we were thinking it, and it looks like the folks at Shacksbury read our minds. The zesty bite of ginger is a natural pair with apples and a lovely flavor for fall, when it feels good to be warmed from the inside out. Shacksbury’s dry, refreshing Citrus Spritz was the ideal summer sipper, and we’re stoked to try the autumnal version!

Ciderboys Zen Berry

On tap for the first time at #pointoberfest this Saturday. #ciderboys #zenberry #newflavor in stores soon

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Are berries just for summer? Nope. Get to know Zen Berry, a new hard cider from Wisconsin’s Ciderboys. Raspberry, blackberry and dewberry make friends with the sweetness of apple and the tartness of boysenberry in this fruit hybrid hard cider. Zen Berry has limited edition availability, so don’t hesitate to pick up a six-pack or two.

Strongbow Artisanal Blend

Strongbow recently unveiled its newest flavor, Strongbow Artisanal Blend, to welcome in the autumn apple season. Crafted with heirloom cider apple varieties, cold-pressed and blended together for a naturally refreshing, semisweet taste, this new cider is cloudy and reminiscent of traditional ciders. As is the case with all of Strongbow’s products, this cider contains no artificial flavors or colors.

Square Mile Rosé Apple Cider

Square Mile has released Rosé Apple Cider, made with rose hips and hibiscus flowers. The cider base is created with Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious and Johnny Gold apples, picked and pressed by hand in Oregon. This is a nicely balanced beverage fermented with a lager yeast, resulting in both sweet and tart flavors and a refreshing finish. Bonus: This cider pours a pretty pale pink.

Snow Capped Honeycrisp Cider

Made from the much-hyped dessert apple, Snow Capped’s Honeycrisp contains the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity to create a truly one-of-a-kind taste experience. You’ll also notice a hint of molasses, to sweeten and satisfy. All of Snow Capped Cider’s products are created using apples grown on its family farm, which is over 100 years old. Its Colorado altitude of 6,180 feet means warm days and cool nights, creating the perfect conditions for growing superior apples.


What ciders are you extra excited about drinking right now? Let us know in the comments!

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