Cider Recipes

Don’t settle for simple sipping. Infuse your whole eating and drinking experience with apples. Browse our collection of cider recipes, cider cocktails, cider sauces, cider desserts and more to plant some cider seeds in your imagination!

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This Jack’s Hard Cider Ice Cream Float Recipe Will Keep You Cool All Summer

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Try This Now: Fresh Cider and Basil Cantaloupe Dessert Recipe

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Recipe to Try: Angry Orchard’s Apple Cider-Braised Clams

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Cider Cocktail Recipe for Cinco de Mayo: The Ciderita

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Hard Cider in the Kitchen: Try These 2 Savory Cider Recipes

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3 Cider Cocktail Recipes to Shake Up Your Spring

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First Cider Cocktail Recipe Book Published Since Prohibition

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Cider Cocktail to Make at Home: Wassail’s Sandpaper Cadillac

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5 Cocktails to Create with Jack’s Hard Cider

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Shake It Up: Cider-Infused Cran Master Sage

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Drink This: SNAP Wassail Thanksgiving Cocktail

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Enhance Holiday Breakfasts with This Recipe for Cider-Braised Apple Compote