Cider Recipes

Don’t settle for simple sipping. Infuse your whole eating and drinking experience with apples. Browse our collection of cider recipes, cider cocktails, cider sauces, cider desserts and more to plant some cider seeds in your imagination!

First Light cocktail

Learn How to Make a First Light Cocktail with Meredith Collins of Along Came a Cider


3 Valentine’s Day Cocktails to Celebrate Cider Love

Souther Tier Cider Works

Southern Tier Brewing Co. Set to Launch a New Cider Brand

Thanksgiving cider cocktails

Mix it Up: Two Tasty Thanksgiving Cider Cocktails from Angry Orchard

Food & Cider Pairing

Fall Food & Cider Pairing: Spicy Tomato and Okra Stew with Kurant Cider’s Bees

Angry Orchard App

Cider + Food Pairings are Made Easy with Angry Orchard’s New App

Woodchuck Cucumber Mint

Cool Off with a Woodchuck Cucumber Mint Cider Mule Cocktail

Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard and NYC’s Davey’s Ice Cream Team Up to Make Frozen Cider Treats

cider frozé

Cool Off with Cider Cocktails: Virtue Cider’s Frozé

Bold Rock Blackberry

Cool Off with Cider Cocktails: Bold Rock Blackberry Mojito Cooler

cider-infused recipes

Grilling for Dad This Father’s Day? Try These Cider-Infused Recipes

A Salted Cucumber

Cinco de Mayo Cider Recipes: A Salted Cucumber Shrimp Cocktail