Cider Recipes

Don’t settle for simple sipping. Infuse your whole eating and drinking experience with apples. Browse our collection of cider recipes, cider cocktails, cider sauces, cider desserts and more to plant some cider seeds in your imagination!

Cider-Ginger Mignonette

Romantic Recipe: Oysters with Cider-Ginger Mignonette


Valentine’s Day Recipe: Cider-Infused Fondue

Food & Cider Pairing

Food & Cider Pairing: Pork Sirloin Steaks & Sour Ciders

Labor Day Cider Recipes

5 Labor Day Cider Recipes for a Bangin’ BBQ

Credit: Casey Martin Photography

Celebrate July Fourth with Pennsylvania Cider—Fuel of the Revolution

Credit: Austin Eastciders

Keep It Cool with Austin Eastciders’ BBC Cocktail Recipe

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#PickCider Recipe Roundup for Summer 2017

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Rave-Worthy Recipe: Bacon Cider Butter

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Go-To Topping for Your Favorite Dishes: Caramelized Onions with Cider

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Make a Side Dish to Savor: Cider-Spiked Pickles

Cider BBQ sauce

Heat Up Your Summer with This Cider BBQ Sauce Recipe

Credit: Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Kick Off Memorial Day Weekend with Angry Party Punch