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Posts by Emily Kovach

Learn About Pét-Nat Ciders with Botanist & Barrel

Pét-nat: What is it and why is it popping up on bottles of wine and cider everywhere? Besides from being a fun phrase to say, it’s really a description of a method that can create carbonation in alcoholic beverages without the addition of extra yeast and sugar. For wine or cider to be bubbly, most…

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Awestruck Cider Celebrates 6 Years

It’s been six years since Casey Vitti and Patti Wilcox founded Awestruck Ciders, based in Sidney, New York (about 85 miles east of Ithaca). In the time since, this company has made a name for itself with its handcrafted, complex and unique ciders. Its ciders have regularly shown up in our cider roundups, like our…

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The 8th Annual Oregon Cider Week is Here (June 20–30)

Now in its 8th year, Oregon Cider Week is happening from now until the end of June! After nearly a decade of running this celebration of Oregon’s incredible cider community and industry, the crew at the Northwest Cider Association knows a thing or two about putting together a successful cider week. They’re upping the ante…

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8 Ciders Perfect for Summer Nights

Hot days, chill nights: Summer is cider season, through and through. After a day of adventuring (or doing nothing at all), there’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold cider to help restore your energy. For times like these, we turn to craft cider’s spritzy, fun side — we love serious ciders, too, but when…

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Shacksbury Releases ‘Shorts’—The Cutest Little Hard Cider Seltzer

Shacksbury has outdone itself with the launch of a brand-new, summer-ready hard cider seltzer, Shorts, ready to crush in the cutest little 8-ounce can we ever did see: Shorts is what Shacksbury calls an “early-morning, weekend-brunch, day-drinking, post-workout, pre-dinner, just-put-the-kids-to-bed, ‘I’ll take one more’ kind of cider.” Bright, citrusy and hibiscus notes, tiny bubbles, zero…

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Start Planning for the 2019 PA Cider Fest (June 22)

Back again for its fourth year, and one of the best annual cider events on the East Coast: It’s the PA Cider Fest! Slated this year for Saturday, June 22, from noon to 4 p.m., this wildly crowd-pleasing event will offer over 65 varieties of cider from over 25 producers from PA, including Hale &…

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