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Haykin Family Cider

Get to Know Haykin Family Cider in Aurora, Colorado

By Emily Kovach / March 23, 2018 /

Talia and Daniel Haykin opened the Haykin Family Cider tasting room in Aurora, Co. (about 12 miles west of Denver) on February 1 of this year. When it comes to making cider, these two aren’t messing around; their majority single varietals, with no adjuncts or added sugars, have nabbed a bunch of prestigious awards and developed a…

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Craft Cider Roundup: Different Apples

By Meredith Collins / December 14, 2017 /

Welcome to the next installment of craft cider roundups from Meredith of Along Came a Cider. For more, check out her other articles for Cider Culture about ciders pushing the envelope, still ciders, autumnal ciders and perries. No matter what fabulous experiments creative cider makers come up with, apples are the heart of cider. I want to round up…

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Q&A with Mark Deno, Cider Maker & Cofounder of Atlanta Hard Cider Co.

By Emily Kovach / November 14, 2017 /

The growing cider scene in Georgia recently welcomed a new cider maker to the community: Atlanta Hard Cider Co. This husband-and-wife-run operation started with DIY at-home cider making, and has spent the last year busily growing and expanding. In addition to making appearances at local craft beer and cider fests, you can find cans of its…

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Aged Ciders

Playing the Long Game: The Longevity, Development and Evolution of Cider

By Daniel Pucci / November 7, 2017 /

The development and maturity of alcohol as it ages and changes is one of most fascinating and rewarding aspects of the beverage world. The breakdown and revelation of new flavors and textures keep glasses full of excitement and exploration. Tracking the maturity and aging is uncharted ground for the North American cider community. The economic…

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Cider-Grown New England

Like To Mix It Up? Try the New Cider-Grown New England Multi-Pack!

By Emily Kovach / October 18, 2017 /

If variety is what you seek, get stoked for the cider industry’s first multi-cidery four-pack! Farnum Hill Ciders, Stormalong Cider and Eden Specialty Ciders have joined delicious forces to create the Cider-Grown New England collaboration, featuring a different cider in each of the 12-ounce cans. Each cidery contributed one cider to the pack, and the fourth…

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The Ultimate Guide to Franklin County CiderDays 2017 (Nov. 3–5)

By Ronald Sansone / October 9, 2017 /

The first weekend of November should be on every cider lover’s calendar, because that’s when the 23rd annual Franklin County CiderDays takes place! Come celebrate all things apple in beautiful and historic Franklin County, Mass., about two hours from Boston. CiderDays allows cider and apple fanatics to take tours and enjoy tastings, attend cider-making workshops and much…

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The Double Tap List: The Best of #Cider on Instagram (Sept. 2–8)

By Emily Kovach / September 8, 2017 /

TGIF, cider lovers, and doubly this week! As counterintuitive as it may seem, weeks that start with a Monday holiday always seem to drag. Speaking of holidays, seems like the #cidernation had a ton of fun celebrating a long weekend with some mellow weather, quality outdoor hangs and, of course, no shortage of tasty food…

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Top Cider Gifts to Give in 2016

By Kristen Kwiatkowski / December 5, 2016 /

Treat the cider lovers in your life to something extra-special this holiday season! From books specifically chosen with the avid reader in mind to trips for the adventurous, we’re here to make your shopping a whole lot easier this year with the cider-centric ideas listed below: Can’t-Miss Event for 2017 CiderCon 2017 Tickets (for USACM Members)…

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How to Make Your Own Cider (The Abbreviated Version)

By Matt Cassidy / December 15, 2015 /

Here’s a great read for the cider enthusiast on your Christmas list: the famous Poverty Lane Orchards and Farnum Hill Ciders in New Hampshire have published a how-to guide, Apples to Cider: How to Make Cider at Home. Homebrewing has become a nationwide phenomenon in the craft beer community, and now it’s time for cider-lovers to join…

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Pure Gold: Liquid Alchemy Beverages

By Emily Kovach / October 27, 2017 /

It’s a little confusing as you follow the Google Maps app to Liquid Alchemy Beverages’ (LAB’s) tasting room. First you’re winding through the city of Wilmington, Delaware, assuming it must be in some up-and-coming hip neighborhood. But soon enough, you’re on the residential outskirts of town, and then the map directs you into a very…

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