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Cider Business School

Cider Business School Wrap-Up and Links to Videos of the Sessions

By Emily Kovach / August 17, 2020 /

In mid-August, we wrapped up a four-week session of an online educational platform called Cider Business School, presented by Ekos, makers of amazing cider management software, and Cider Culture. We wanted to extend a hearty thank you to everyone who helped to make these classes a success: Thank you to the presenters and to all…

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Ekos cidermaker

Ekos and Cider Culture Present: Cider Business School

By Emily Kovach / July 9, 2020 /

We are so excited to announce an expansion of our Cider School series, the weekly educational hang-out that we developed during the first few weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown. Through a partnership with Ekos, the game-changing cider management software, we’re taking Cider School to the next level with a four-part series that we’re calling Cider…

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Yonder Cider and The Source Cider Launch in Washington State

By Emily Kovach / July 2, 2020 /

Exciting news for the Washington State craft cider community! On June 30, 2020, two new cider projects entered the local fold: Yonder Cider and The Source Cider. Both of these are the brainchildren of Caitlin Braam, a Seattle-based freelance marketer and brand strategist in the beverage space. Her impressive resume includes being the former president…

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Ironbound Cider

Cider School #12: Community Empowerment with Charles Rosen of Ironbound Cider (Thurs., June 25, 6 p.m. ET)

By Emily Kovach / June 22, 2020 /

If you missed this session of Cider School, you can find a video recording of it here. The cider community is asking some tough questions right now — as are many food and beverage brands — about how to create real change and empowerment in their communities. Part of that work is aiming to widen…

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Casa Ruby

ANXO Releases Pride-Themed Cidre Blanc Cans to Benefit DC Nonprofit Casa Ruby

By Emily Kovach / June 10, 2020 /

ANXO is no stranger to fusing its social values with its ciders — remember its amazing programming and philanthropy during International Women’s Month in March? To celebrate Pride, which takes place during the month of June each year, ANXO is partnering with DC-based nonprofit Casa Ruby, an organization led and run by transgender women of…

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Citizen Cider Tree Tapper

Collabo to Know: Citizen Cider and Runamok’s Tree Tapper Maple Cider

By Emily Kovach / January 27, 2020 /

Name something more iconic to Vermont than maple syrup — just try! Okay, actually, we’ve got one: craft cider. Thanks to a new collaboration between Citizen Cider and Runamok Maple, you can get both of these delicious Vermont-y things together in the form of Tree Tapper Maple Cider, part of Citizen Cider’s Origin Series. Runamok,…

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Hudson North Cider

Graft Cider Creators Launch New Brand: Hudson North Cider Co.

By Emily Kovach / January 22, 2020 /

New cider brand alert! Backpack Brands, the folks behind Graft Cider (and Flora Wines), are launching an exciting new project called Hudson North Cider Co. This mission-driven cidery will launch in the Hudson Valley and New York City on Sunday, March 1, 2020. Two of Graft’s creators, siblings Kyle and Sara Sherrer, envisioned a brand…

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CiderCon 2020

7 Reasons to Register for CiderCon 2020 ASAP

By Emily Kovach / January 8, 2020 /

CiderCon 2020 is coming up quickly, and if you haven’t gotten the chance to register, now is the time! This year, the premier cider conference is being held in Oakland, California, January 28 to January 31 at the Oakland Marriott. If you’ve been to CiderCon in the past, you don’t need us to tell you…

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Willow Oaks Craft Cider

Meet the Terroir-Driven Ciders of Willow Oaks Craft Cider

By Emily Kovach / August 27, 2019 /

For 30 years, Lori Leitzel Rice and her husband, Eric Rice, have been growing fruit at Country Pleasures Farm, the oldest organic farm in the state of Maryland. Inspired by the complex, dry ciders he’d tasted during travels in Europe during his grad school days, Eric had always hoped to make cider from some of…

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CiderCon 2019

CiderCon 2019: A Recap in Words and Photos

By Emily Kovach / February 13, 2019 /

Whew! We’re back and (somewhat) recovered after the whirlwind that was CiderCon 2019. Every year, we’re reminded why this annual event, organized by the United States Association of Cider Makers, is at the head of its class, as far as cider conferences go. A dynamic schedule of workshops and panels, a veritable who’s who of…

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CiderCon 2019

Your CiderCon 2019 Cheat Sheet

By Emily Kovach / January 22, 2019 /

We can hardly believe it, but it’s almost time for CiderCon 2019, our industry’s premier annual cider conference, organized by the United Association of Cider Makers (USACM). This year, CiderCon is taking place at the Hilton Chicago in Chicago, Illinois from Tuesday, February 5, through Friday, February 8, when thousands of cider makers, marketers, media…

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Texas Brut Cider

Austin Eastciders Releases Texas Brut Cider

By Emily Kovach / January 22, 2019 /

New cider alert! And this one is set to be a fabulous sipper for sunny days ahead (think spring!). Austin Eastciders has released its new Champagne-inspired Texas Brut Cider, a limited release that is super-dry and exceedingly toast-able. We’ve seen a lot of these “brut” style ciders lately, and we welcome them with open arms. Less…

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